Medication Safety and Alzheimer’s

By rocky

Keeping track of multiple medications can be challenging, but it’s important that they are taken in prescribed doses and at the appropriate times. Below are safety tips to help ensure you and your loved one’s medications are taken with care.

Organize pills by prescribed time.

This will help ensure that medications are taken on time. Services like CareZone Pharmacy Services will pre-package your pills by prescribed time and dosage and deliver them to your door for free. Click here for more information>>

Set reminders for medication times.

Once you scan medications into the CareZone app, you can easily set reminders so that you’re alerted when you need to take or administer them. Learn how to setupmed reminders >>

Alzheimer’s Association recommends…

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5 Foods that Love Your Heart

By rocky

5 heart healthy foods

February is American Heart Month, which is a great reminder that we all need to focus on making healthier choices for our heart. Cardiovascular disease impacts 1 in 3 adults and is the number one cause of death in the U.S. The good news is that minor dietary changes can have a huge impact on your heart health.

According to Nutrition Expert Kim Denkhaus, the 5 foods below will have a lasting…

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Simple & Healthy Appetizer Recipes

By rocky

At your next party try substituting snacks that are high in fat with appetizers that contain fresh ingredients. We suggest these two guilt-free appetizers: Cowboy Caviar and Caprese Skewers. Both are easy to make and are relatively low in calories.

1. Cowboy Caviar

This dip is filled with fresh veggies, spices and beans, and can be served with corn or pita chips.

– 1/2 cup…

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Understanding the Medicare Donut Hole

By rocky


Unless you’ve done your homework, you may not be familiar with the Medicare Part D “donut hole.” The donut hole refers to the prescription drug coverage gap in which you’ll have limited or no prescription drug coverage.

What is the donut hole?
Most Medicare Part D (Prescription Drug) plans have a coverage gap that occurs after you and your Medicare drug plan have…

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