CareZone | Medication Safety and Alzheimer’s

Keeping track of multiple medications can be challenging, but it’s important that they are taken in prescribed doses and at the appropriate times. Below are safety tips to help ensure you and your loved one’s medications are taken with care.

Organize pills by prescribed time.

This will help ensure that medications are taken on time. Services like CareZone Pharmacy Services will pre-package your pills by prescribed time and dosage and deliver them to your door for free.

Set reminders for medication times.

Once you scan medications into the CareZone app, you can easily set reminders so that you’re alerted when you need to take or administer them. Learn how to setup med reminders >>

Alzheimer’s Association recommends these additional tips for those caring for someone with advanced Alzheimer’s disease:

Use simple language and clear instructions.

For example, say “Here’s the pill for your high blood pressure. Put it in your mouth and drink some water.”

If the person refuses to take the medication, stop and try again later. If they continue to refuse, speak with their physician about alternative options.

If swallowing is a problem, ask if the medication is available in another form.

Ask the doctor or pharmacist if a liquid version is available or if it’s safe to crush the medication and mix it with food. No pill or tablet should be crushed without first consulting your physician or pharmacist.

Make changes for safety.

Place medications in a locked drawer or cabinet to avoid accidental overdose and throw out medications that are no longer being used or that have expired.

Have emergency numbers easily accessible.

Keep the number of your local poison control center or emergency room handy. If you suspect a medication overdose, call poison control or 911.

Have additional questions about Medication Safety and Alzheimer’s? Call 1-800-272-3900.

Posted February 08, 2017 by rocky