Caregiving Tips: 5 Ways to Plan Ahead

By rocky

Planning ahead can take some of the stress off of both the caregiver and the loved one they are caring for. If possible, it’s best to put financial and legal plans in place along with the person struggling from dementia so that they can be involved in their own care decisions.

Here are five tips to help you with your legal and financial planning:

Don’t put it off.
By planning ahead, you’ll allow your loved one to express their future wishes. It also gives you some extra time to work through difficult issues, like choosing a long-term care facility or figuring out how you’ll pay for treatment.

Get help from professionals.
Whether you’re looking into long-term care facilities or hospice care, get advice before making any decisions. Click here to visit the…

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Member Stories: Managing Chronic Migraines

By Therese Pope

“A chronic illness is like having your body taken over by a foreign entity. It changes your life especially when it’s something people cannot physically see. Being in chronic pain, taking medications every day, and missing out on things in life starts to weigh on you. But even on my worst days, when I’m crying and want to give up, I still pull up my bootstraps because I know that I…

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5 Low-Impact Exercises

By rocky

Low impact exercises are easy on the body and joints, and studies show that as little as 30 minutes a day at least 5 days a week of moderate-intensity physical activity can contribute to overall improvement in health.

Exercising regularly reduces the risk of obesity, may help improve blood pressure, blood sugar levels, cholesterol levels (particularly HDL the “good” cholesterol), and overall…

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White Bread vs Wheat Bread

By Erin Knobler

We have all heard that we should ditch the wonder bread and go for the grains, but is whole wheat really that much healthier for you?

The flour of both white and wheat bread is made from wheat berries. Whole wheat bread contains all three parts of the wheat berry, the bran, the germ, and the endosperm, while white bread contains only the innermost layer (the endosperm). White bread is a refined…

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