CareZone | The Beginners’ Guide to CareZone

Hi and welcome to CareZone!

CareZone is designed to help those caring for people (we call them Account Owners) take care of loved ones (we call them Loved Ones, conveniently), with help from friends and family (we call them Helpers).

Now that you’ve created an account on behalf of a Loved One (or accepted an invitation to help someone do so), feel free to use this guide to get the most out of CareZone in 5 simple steps.


Before we jump into the steps (see table of contents, below), have a quick look at what your account looks like when you’re logged in. The reference points will help guide you through the rest.

A peek inside the CareZone Dashboard (click for larger image).

Table of contents

Step 1: Add a Helper or Two

There’s no need to shoulder all the responsibility of caring for a Loved One; add a sibling or spouse, a friend or neighbor — anyone you’d like to keep in the loop or up to date, or with whom you’d like to share the information you’ll manage at CareZone.

Adding Helpers is easy. When you first log in, you’ll land on the Invite a Helper page, as you can see in the screenshot up top.

If you navigate away from that page after logging in, you’ll still see the Invite a Helper button in the right menu. It’ll look like this:

Add CareZone Helpers

If you’re caring for more than one Loved One, be sure you select the Loved One for whom you’re adding a Helper. Helpers you invite will have access only to the Loved One you’ve selected on the left.

Once they accept your invitation, Helpers will only have access to this Loved One’s account. If you’d like them to have access to more than one Loved One, you’ll need to explicitly invite them to each account. (If no Loved Ones are selected, you won’t be able to add a Helper.)

Worried about other people seeing sensitive information in your CareZone account? We were, too. Only you control which Notes and Uploaded Files your Helpers can access. When you upload a file or write a note and want to keep it private, check the box that appears before saving:

Keep your files private.

If you have more than one Helper, select who can and can’t see or access the information, like so:

Select which CareZone Helpers have access

Important: Account Owners have access to all documents, whether or not they’ve been locked by a Helper. A Helper without access to a Locked Note or Upload won’t see the document — he or she won’t even know it exists. The locking feature is a great way to store information that only direct family should have access to (e.g., Mom’s on-line accounts and passwords). 

It’s also worth noting that Helpers share full access to your Loved One’s calendar. Helpers can be assigned to events, and they can see when help is needed on any given appointment.

Step 2: Fill out profiles

Now that you’ve got some help, head over to your Loved One’s profile (located at the bottom of the left  menu under your Loved One’s name) and fill it out.


The profile lets you manage and share information that could be important in an emergency:

  • name, address, and phone number
  • birthdate
  • allergies, medications, and blood type
  • existing medical conditions
  • faith
  • etc.

Filling out your Loved One’s profile ensures this information is all in one place, should you or any of your Helpers need to find it.

Don’t forget to fill our your own profile, too. To access your profile, click on your name in the upper right corner and select “Your Profile” from the menu.

Access your CareZone Profile in the top right-hand corner

This would be a good time to add profile photos, too. Seeing a face is much nicer than seeing our blue, faceless avatar. After all — you and those you care for aren’t just the sum of your profile info.

To add a photo, go to a profile page (yours or your Loved One’s), and select “Choose File.”

Add your profile photo

Be sure to save your changes at the bottom of the page, too.

Step 3: Add your Contacts

So you’ve got your Helpers and profiles all situated; now it’s time to add a few contacts.

Who’s important to your Loved One? A friend, neighbor, or caregiver? A therapist, perhaps a medical supply company, or a doctor? Store them all here, and share the list with your helpers. You’ll see the changes they make, and vice versa—you’ll always have the latest contact information for all your key contacts.

Your Contacts tab is in your left CareZone menu:

After selecting Contacts, choose “Add a Contact”:

Add your CareZone contacts

Then fill in as much information as you’d like (and be sure to select “Add Contact” when you’re finished):

Adding contact information in CareZone

Now these contacts are all accessible to the Helpers in your account.

Step 4: Schedule and Coordinate with Calendar

Our Calendar feature was our most-requested feature, and for good reason. It’s a safe, private place to schedule events and appointments for your Loved One, not to mention to share and coordinate the schedule with your Helpers.

Not only will your Helpers have access to this shared family calendar, but you also have the ability to assign appointments to your Helpers, or simply ask that someone volunteers for the job. In other words, if you can’t take little Billy to soccer practice one day next week, ask one of your Helpers to lend a hand.

To assign a Helper to an event, visit your calendar tab, click the appropriate day for the event, and add in all the details. Check the “Assign Someone?” box, and select which Helper you’d like to assist. Let’s see here on Mom’s Calendar…

If you don’t care who helps, just that someone does, select “Needs Volunteer” and that event will show up on the calendar with a badge that signifies “I need a volunteer!”

Note the pink badges on events

Step 5: Record medications, routines, and more

Now that you’ve got all the basics into your CareZone account, take things to the next level by:

  • Recording your Loved One’s medications
  • Writing down and saving online passwords in Notes
  • Writing and sharing daily care routines (in Notes, too)
  • Creating To-Do lists and assigning them to your Helpers
  • Keeping a daily Journal
  • Much, much more


Before we go…

As you make changes to the Journal, all your Helpers will receive a notification that a change has been made to the account; if you’d rather not be updated, simply change your notification preferences under Account Settings.

CareZone’s always there for you—on the go, at the clinic, on the playground, wherever you are, and whenever you need us. We’re doing our best to take the stress out of your life, and we’d love to know how we’re doing.

If you need any assistance or have a question, be sure to holler in our direction. We’re more than happy to help.

Posted August 17, 2012 by kristina