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Autism can place a high financial burden on families, and CareZone’s online resources help families to stay organized and coordinated.
— Mark Roithmayr, Autism Speaks President
Caring for a family member with Autism?

CareZone provides a safe place to get organized, store important information and coordinate with family members and other helpers.

Private, Productive, Safe

CareZone is an entirely private service. We are funded by the families that use us. Accounts created on CareZone are accessible only by to the owner that opens it — and the individuals they invite.

Totally Free for the Autism Speaks Supporters

CareZone and Autism Speaks are working together to improve CareZone for families managing a Autism diagnosis. As part of that partnership, CareZone is donating accounts to Autism Speaks, free of charge for a limited time. Please claim your account by registering above, then let us know what we can do to make your life easier!

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