Whether you’re managing your own health or a family member’s, we’ll help you stay organized and in sync.


Always have a list of medications, dosages, and schedules with you. Receive reminders, record doses taken, and track adherence progress over time.


Document symptoms for easy reference during medical appointments, record doctor’s instructions, and privately share updates with family members.


Keep track of medical appointments, therapy sessions, and prescription refills. Sync events with other calendars, and share access with others, too.


Organize and share important contacts, numbers, and emails—including doctors, pharmacies, insurance providers, and the off-hours advice nurse.


Securely store insurance info, online account credentials, instructions, and other hard-to-remember details you might need in a pinch.


Keep a synchronized list of things you need to get done and stay organized on whatever device you’re using. Assign tasks to others to get the help you need.

Photos and files

Store discharge instructions, advance directives, and photos of important documents—like a driver’s license—for easy access when you need them.

Private, secure sharing

Share access to important info with a spouse to make sure you have backup in case of an emergency, or family members to help coordinate care for a loved one.


Receive helpful, timely information and tips on health topics relevant to you and your family.

Your information is private and secure. We promise.

We use CareZone to manage our own family information, so we have a personal interest in privacy and security. Your data is protected using the same techniques as your bank, and our systems are routinely audited by security firms to ensure everything is safe.

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What is CareZone?

CareZone makes it easier to stay organized and effective when caring for a parent, child, or someone in need. From your computer, smartphone or tablet you can safely organize files, contacts, and medications, and coordinate with family and other caregivers using a shared calendar and journal.

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Is my data safe?

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