Worry less. Help more.

You’re helping everyone, but who’s helping you?

We make it easier to stay organized and effective.

  • An indispensable place to organize everything.
  • A simple way to share with family and helpers.
  • Powerful tools to keep everyone coordinated.
  • Access from your computer, smartphone, or tablet.
  • Industrial security—for everyone.
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Take your family’s info with you wherever you go

Access numbers you haven’t memorized

Safely store social security numbers, insurance information, and prescriptions.

Keep a current medications list

Keep a single list of prescriptions, dosages, refill info, and ongoing history in your pocket.

Share emergency contacts

Share contacts with a spouse, sibling, and others that need access during an emergency.

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Safer than your desk drawer

We back up constantly

Unlike your day planner or that cluster of papers on the kitchen table, we’re always making backup after backup.

We’re built redundant

Your computer could crash, your den could be flooded, you could leave that file folder at Starbucks. Your information’s safer with us.

As safe as your bank

All communication between you and CareZone is encrypted. The information travels in a virtual armored truck (here are the technical details).

We’re not like the other guys

Many popular websites make money selling your data to advertisers. Not us. We don’t allow any advertising or profiling. Period.



Record thoughts and share what's happening with family, friends and helpers.

Photos and Files

Store important documents. Choose which files others can access.


Keep a running list of things that need to get done, and who’s responsible.


Invite family, sitters or others to help care for your loved one.


Schedule events for a loved one. Share and assign tasks.


Store and share instructions and other information.


Organize and manage shared lists of key contacts, names and numbers.


Track prescriptions, dosages, and schedules.

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