Take the hassle out of prescription refills

Get your medications sorted by dose and delivered to your door.

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Sorted into pill packs

Stay on top of your medications with pre-sorted pill packs that are organized by dose, date, and time.

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Delivered to your door

Your medications will be delivered to your door every month–for free! Your refills will be coordinated with your doctor to ensure they’re always delivered on time.

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Personalized care

Use your CareZone app to communicate with a pharmacist or get help from your personal Care Advisor.

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Automatically synced to your app

Your pharmacy information is safely stored and synced in your CareZone app. You can access your current med list, request refills, and track shipments with a single tap.

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CareZone Pharmacy Services are completely free!

You just pay your standard copays and deductibles. All major insurance plans, including Medicare and Medicaid, are accepted.